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Kingdom Compassion, formerly known as ‘The Earls Court Community Project’, aims to reach out and support people who are struggling with their lives in some way.

This could be a crisis of some sort, anyone that feels they struggle to cope with life, or anyone that just needs someone to talk to. Many of our visitors are those on the edges of society, including those caught up in drug or alcohol addictions, people without homes, or those suffering from mental illness.

Initially established in 1985, Kingdom Compassion aims to demonstrate God’s love in a compassionate and practical way. Over the years the work has enjoyed the continued help and support of churches and Organisations and since its beginnings people from various churches and overseas have joined the initiative.

Counselling & Trauma Focus Therapy

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Counselling and trauma focus training, short-term courses from a Christian perspective. Discover new ways of helping others. You will be stretched, challenged, changed and equipped to support those who may need emotional or phycological help.

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Addiction Counselling

Addiction counselling is a therapy that aims to help individuals overcome and manage their addictions. Whether it's substance abuse, gambling, gaming, or other addictive behaviour, addiction counselling provides support, guidance, and strategies to individuals and their families.

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